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Rains in Hyderabad

It’s important to consider the consequences of occupying (legally and illegally) rivers and nalas without updating the drainage system that was designed in the 1930s. The recent disasters that have affected many areas of Hyderabad are partly a result of our own negligence. The authorities responsible for maintaining the drainage system, such as GHMC and HMDA officials, have been neglecting this issue for far too long. It’s time for them to take action and address this problem before it’s too late.

Maybe the end of love with city of Lowell

An admission deferral and a failed attempt later the student visa got approved in the first week of June in 2013. I flew to the United States in August, from then on Lowell became the distant hometown. I cried, meet new friends, and countless times commuted to New York City via Boston. The city of Lowell made reminisce of Bangalore, initiated me to travel to Hyderabad for a week or two twice in four months.

Friends and Facebook!!

A few days back, I browsed the UnitedCSE blog (Bachelors Class of 2011 blog in BITS Warangal). While going through it, I came across two posts that caught my attention - one of the posts was composed by me, and the other by Almeen. This prompted me to message Almeen on Facebook, even though he had not been active on the platform for a while. However, I found that Facebook had become quite heavy and commercialized, with advertisements and videos dominating the news feed instead of updates from friends.

Questions and Opinions on American Law

As a fan of the New England Patriots, I’ve been following the developments of Mr. Kraft’s case with interest. Before the allegations, he was highly regarded by sportscasters, players, and fans alike. While I can’t say what really happened in that parlor, I’m puzzled by the court order to seal and destroy the videos, as well as the decision by prosecutors to drop the case altogether. As someone who moved to the US to study, I’m not familiar with the American legal system beyond Boston’s sports teams and politics.

The First Paycheck outside India

When the CTO called up my name, I was like why she is calling me!. She comes near me to hand an envelope, strangely I had no expression and continued with the knowledge transfer session. Back in the apartment, after an hour, I contemplated the amount required for college fee payments, money owed to mates, and repaying a fraction to credit cards. It piled up in the time from graduation till OPT got approved (It would be a good story to share some other time).