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Some writing to make myself useful while in quarantine, the website is up and running.

The website on last post as an landing page for now and will update the list of articles over this post as we compose new content at A Washed-Up Nerd .
Recent posts

Updates in effect due to Covid19

With this COVID-19 crisis and the yayin project, I realized the need to enhance the presence across the web. So, I designed the portfolio and hosted on GitHub pages on this website . I have been working on a  blog where I post the collection of tools for web development in Java, Python and React. IELTS learning repository hosted GitHub is being redesigned using Hugo, which can be found  here . I am trying to start a store that sells customizable multi-language mechanical keyboards. This website would post articles about writing content and hosting in regional Indian languages.

The First Paycheck outside India

When the CTO called up my name, I was like why she is calling me!. She comes near me to hand an envelope, strangely I had no expression and continued with the knowledge transfer session. After an hour, I contemplated the amount required for college fee payments, owed to mates, and repaying a fraction to credit cards. It piled up in the time from graduation till OPT got approved (It would be a good story to share some other time). Gee, I had pennies by evening in the bank 😥.

Maybe the end of love with city of Lowell

An admission deferral and a failed attempt later the student visa got approved in the first week of June in 2013.  I flew to the United States in August, from then on Lowell became the distant hometown. I cried, meet new friends, and countless times commuted to New York City via Boston. The city of Lowell made reminisce of Bangalore, initiated me to travel to Hyderabad for a week or two twice in four months. Eventually graduating from school after the omnipotent impediments of Python, AI, and OPT approval problems. I accepted the offer and moved to Concord, the tax-free state's capital. But Lowell lives still inside me, necessities like buying groceries or swiping the card in stores always reminded the graduation day. The fascinating moments surrounded by friends and one of the most unfortunate nights. That night I lost wallet and the first iPhone, which resulted in stress and impaired professional choices for a year. To the thief, the desi student fool, I assume that you kn

Friends and Facebook!!

A few days back out of boredom, I went through posts eternally on a blog maintained by bachelor classmates. Two posts intrigued most one drafted by me and another by Almeen, which prompted me to message him on Facebook after months​. Gee, it felt like Facebook is too heavy to even message a friend when he is neither active nor in the news feed. Which was populated prominently with commercials and film trailers, and videos but not the status updates of friends except for one 😄? Time passed on endlessly, with the CPU working hard to make a USB bootable for a friend using UNetBootin . The fan fuming out the heat reminded the Vizag steel plant blast furnace, that I visited in 2004. It might seem strange to remember a trip from ten years back, but I do remember that trip vividly due to reasons 😜. The night continued unlike seeing Doctor Who on Netflix (you can binge it as of 2020 on Amazon Prime in America and Hotstar in India before it disappears to HBOMAX) as it was routine from

How it is all started

Bored these days, wasn't that active socially hopefully, I will blog frequently from now on. Update on 03/30/2020, The above statement did not age well, as I posted just four times in six years. Now in times of COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, I thought to give it another try. Also with Yayin in making and other professional decisions, it made sense to write more.