About Me


A little back story, in case you are new here.

I graduated from the Kennedy School of Sciences at University of Massachusetts, Lowell in May 2015 with Masters Degree in Computer Science. I completed my bachelors at Balaji Institute of Technology and Sciences, Warangal in April 2011.

I co-founded Yayin AI Lab and run the A Washed-up Nerd store where in we design and sell mechanical keyboards for English and Indic Langauges soon.

I had the joy to work as a Cyber Security Research Engineer at Philips, Software Engineer at Symbiosys, and at Tech Mahindra.

I also teach undergrad programming courses.

I relish traveling, widely follow Cricket, F1, and major sports teams based within Boston and Hyderabad.

I am politically not inclined to either right or left, but i believe in good governence, responsible leader, voters and citizens. I care about climate change we need to reduce our plastic usage.

If interested in these topics please do follow the other blogs maintained by me. You can visit my website here