Maybe the end of love with city of Lowell

An admission deferral and a failed attempt later the student visa got approved in the first week of June in 2013. I flew to the United States in August, from then on Lowell became the distant hometown. I cried, meet new friends, and countless times commuted to New York City via Boston. The city of Lowell made reminisce of Bangalore, initiated me to travel to Hyderabad for a week or two twice in four months.

Eventually graduating from school after the omnipotent impediments of Python, AI, and OPT approval problems. I accepted the offer and moved to Concord, the tax-free state’s capital.

But Lowell lives still inside me, necessities like buying groceries or swiping the card in stores always reminded the graduation day. The fascinating moments surrounded by friends and one of the most unfortunate nights. That night I lost wallet and the first iPhone, which resulted in stress and impaired professional choices for a year.

To the thief, the desi student fool, I assume that you knew what was in the wallet apart from money and yet showed no concern. Thank you for making life more difficult and adding fresh distress in a foreign nation. Even after pleading you to leave the OPT card in the library or in the lost and found section. I will neither forget nor forgive you in a lifetime. There were many late nights and dawns when I walked alone from the library or Olsen without fear of getting mugged. Now I fear sleeping in my room when there is a party next door.

Thank you, for breaking into a home after a graduation party and when people are asleep in the room. Also, when my mates had drinks with you moments earlier in the house. During a few sleepless nights, I hope you experience the things I said to Chetan on the drive back to Concord the next morning. Furthermore, the appointments with cops in Lowell, who seem to neither care about the problems arising from loss of work permit nor be bothered to investigate after naming two potential suspects. A cop replied: “why do we desire to spend resources on a petty crime” when Lowell is a hub to other crimes. I do get the cops perceptive and leave you to karma.

By the way, how did you drop that single credit card in the cs lab?

Update Some Time in 2017:

A good Samaritan found the purse near a riverfront next to the suspected fool’s house and returned to Dracut Police. Then they tracked to the present address and returned it to me with all documents.